Hair Care Tips


-Does this hair shed?

All hair sheds even your hair sheds, but any hair that is stitched to a weft is entitled to experience shedding minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. Minimum shedding meaning the hair will never have a noticeable decrease in density or volume. However, proper maintenance is advised and highly recommended.

-How much hair do I need?

For lengths 12-16 You need two or more bundles. Lengths 18-24 You need three bundles or more bundles. Lengths 26-30 You need 4 or more bundles.

-Can I color this hair?

Yes, you can color both our our Virgin Bundles. Check out our coloring services if you would like to get hair extensions colored!

- What type of Hair Care products should I use?

Treat this hair like it is your own. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner that's sulfate free. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. 

- Do I have to do anything special in the morning?

Brush your hair every morning from ends to root. Starting from the ends keeps the pressure off the weft and ensures longevity.

-Do I have to do anything special at night?

Never sleep on wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair will cause it to mat and will make it difficult to keep the hair the way you want. Always tie your hair up with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase.

-Wavy/ Curly Hair

When wearing wavy/curly hair plan to apply curl defining/ curl control cream while the hair is wet. This will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy.